Ads,  and their advertising affiliate programs, are a quintessential business investment to build brand awareness and generate sales. There are thousands of ad agencies, big and small, specializing in strategies and channels. A handful offer advertising programs helping partners provide ad solutions for their business audience. A partner with advertising agencies, tools, and resources help their business-minded audience realize their entrepreneurial aspirations. This is done through paid platforms versus the long, drawn-out process found through traditional marketing strategies. Advertising cuts through the noise – and there are many business owners willing to pay hard cash to do so when they believe in their products and services.

The Advertising Niche: What You Need to Know

The advertising niche has, as mentioned, has thousands of players big and small. In this market, you’ll find individuals providing niche services like Pinterest ad services. Or, you’ll discover leaders encompassing all areas of offline and online advertising. Each spin-off creates a new, unique opportunity for small businesses to grow while attuned to their budget. Advertising is integral to marketing initiatives although marketing may not use advertising. When talking about advertising – think:
  • How can I deliver quick results?
  • How can I help launch a successful product?
  • How can I minimize campaign costs?
  • How can I explain these complex strategies?
These are the questions on the mind of small business owners coming to your site. They’re attracted to marketing strategies because they’re free and cheap (think: social media marketing). It’s your job selling them on using paid channels. The opportunity for advertising affiliate programs lies in the channels:
  • Display Ads
  • Search
  • Pay per click
  • Pay per lead
  • Retargeting
  • Video
… and several others stretched across hundreds of platforms and millions of sites. Without a doubt, your website touching on marketing topics has explored advertising. Adding advertising affiliate programs to the mix is the next, logical progression. Why? Because there comes a time when marketing initiatives hit a wall – when small business owners run out of time – and this is the moment to present a quick alternative… paid ads.

The Advertising Industry: By the Numbers

The amount of money poured into paid advertising and funnel through advertising affiliate programs is mind-boggling. Ads permeate our social experience and creep into every activity – they’re part of life.  One estimate says we see almost 5,000 ads a day! How big is the advertising industry?
  • The U.S. ad industry generated $103.7bn revenue in 2016
  • Ad spend across North America will top $205bn+
  • Nearly 42% of all digital ad spend is funneled through Google
  • Over $17bn is spent on Facebook advertising
  • Display and digital video is set to increase by 13-19%
A general rule of thumb is to spend 1% of revenue on small business advertising. One survey found the average small business spend to be $400/mo toward marketing efforts. Nearly half of SMB’s plan to increase ad spend this year and the next.

Why Promote Advertising Affiliate Programs

Advertising programs let partners promoting necessary business services. And, since these services command top-dollar… partners earn big commissions. This, mixed with your focus on marketing topics and business development creates an easy vertical with promotions. Every marketing topic could include paid advertising – for example:
  • Email marketing -> Email management and solo ads
  • Social media marketing -> Paid ads, tools, and optimization
  • Content creation -> Sponsored content and paid display
Paid advertising also creates new topic channels:
  • Business cards
  • Print Ads
  • Banners
  • Apparel
  • Newspaper
  • Directories
Your audience knows of these items since they’re entrepreneurs. Most will bootstrap if you’re targeting solopreneurs. The SMB’s 10+ employees will likely teeter on the edge of exploring ads. Whereas larger SMB’s have explored the opportunity. The biggest barrier many SBO’s have is overcoming the financial commitment. Especially when they’ve seen success with free marketing efforts. Yet, that’s where advertising affiliate programs shine… the value of instant feedback and growth potential is too strong to ignore.

Promoting the Advertising Offers and Promotions

Any business exploring paid advertising need several essentials:
  • Design & development
  • Tracking & reporting tools
  • Optimization & management
Remember… small businesses are strapped for time and marketing efforts tend to hit a wall. Dedicating a budget to explore advertising gives you an easy “in” with these logical investments. In fact, it’s very likely the advertising programs you plan to join are associated with brands offering marketing tools and resources already listed on your site! Here’s how you can get started:
  1. Include comparison guides touting benefits of advertising vs marketing
  2. Provide reviews and overviews of advertising tools & services
  3. Create guides helping followers understand basics but funnel difficult tasks to paid services
  4. Share case studies and user reports of ad campaigns
  5. Compile a list of tools, resources, and services you use in SMB campaigns
There’s a limitless set of ways you can integrate advertising offers and promotions on your site. For example: Let’s suppose to talk about using Facebook to grow a brand. This content usually touches on topics like setting up an FB page, sharing content, and building a following. You’ll create content around what to share, how to create engagement, and creating word-of-mouth referrals. The logical step forward is getting users to explore FB ads. You can introduce them to the topic through detailed tutorials (costing them $5 or less). These topics expand to bigger & better campaigns which leads users to helpful tools, learning resources, or services once it’s beyond their skill set. How do you go about scaling your advertising programs promotion?
  • Switch written content to video guides sharing the step-by-step setup process
  • Interview advertising experts to help followers understand guideline and best practices
  • Work with the program manager to include better, high-converting creative assets
  • Create and share case studies of your paid campaigns or via popular brands
Advertising is a scary prospect because there’s real money on the line. This isn’t the same as creating content and hoping to get search and social traffic. Your users want to see results before they dump money into a paid strategy. If you can give them a taste of advertising success – then you can get them interesting in advertising programs and their offers.

Increase Reach and Earn with Advertising Affiliate Programs

Help your audience realize their business goals through advertising. Plus, monetize this vertical by discovering and joining advertising programs. It’s a win/win scenario. Our directory includes quite a variety of advertising services and tools from all-in-one solutions to paid traffic generation. Each has unique value propositions your business-minded audience are sure to love. In short:
  1. Your business blog talks about marketing strategies
  2. Advertising is the next level in expanding marketing efforts
  3. Join advertising programs to add those attractive offers
Simple, right? Get started!
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