Adult affiliate programs and their websites were some of the first to offer monetization and online video. The adult industry has innovated industries since its inception. The industry pioneered online payment gateways and user submissions. It's always on the cutting edge; whether you agree or not… the adult industry plays a vital role in our society and culture. So, what’s it like being an adult affiliate? It’s a lot less smut than you’d think. Adult affiliate programs offer promotions, products, and services for all things sexual and sensual. Let’s not beat around the bush: Porn is a 100-billion-dollar industry. Adult dating sites and adult toys are some of the highest earning promotions on the Web. It’s a niche few will venture because of its reputation. This puts any of you in a great position to make money promoting adult affiliate programs.

The Adult Industry: What You Need to Know

The adult industry has its reach across all areas of business. This includes:
  • Entertainment clubs
  • Theaters and video stores
  • Books and magazines
  • Escort services
  • Video on demand services
  • Internet
  • Massage parlors
  • Novelties and clothing
  • Nude modeling
The adult industry is leading the charge with a mobile-first design. They’ve always been on the cutting edge; their product and services are some of the easiest to access through mobile browsers and apps. What are we seeking with our devices?
  • Live Cams
  • Adult games
  • Hub sites
  • Adult dating sites
  • Hookup apps
The industry has also taken an interest in pushing 4K video and virtual reality. With that said, the market consumption has turned niche due to the limitless supply and production of pornography and toys. Adult niche sites and their niche adult affiliate programs show the greatest promise. The sheer amount of choice has also given a rise to adult review sites. The adult nutrition and supplement industry is doing quite well for itself, too. This market is on track to break $370 million by 2021!

The Adult Industry: By the Numbers

The adult industry is a fascinating one. It’s demonized by politicians and religious groups but overwhelmingly consumed by the public. Some countries outright ban pornography and adult items while others flaunt it in the streets. Let’s be honest: You know there’s a lot of adult media and items on the Web. You know what the topic matter is about. You know others are seeking it. By the numbers:
  • Almost 30k people are watching pornography at any given second
  • 1 out of 5 mobile searches are for pornography and adult topics
  • The sex toy industry has a revenue of over $15 billion
Oddly enough, Egypt and Iraq have the highest shares of adult websites in the World. Though, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, and France account for the most suppliers of ad traffic to the adult niche sites. Here are some other interesting facts:
  • 44% of women between 18 and 60 have used a sex toy
  • The most popular toys were dildos and vibrators (by a long shot)
  • Men think about sex 188% more than women
Let’s just say that we love our personal activities. This, right here, is enough to pique your interest in becoming an adult affiliate and listing adult offers and promotions. The market wants it!

Why Promote Adult Affiliate Programs and Offers

Well, there’s the thrill of it all. But: The money is simply incredible. The adult market rarely offers a buyback option. After all, how do you return used sex toys? You just don’t. Likewise, many hoard their porn collections and are quite passionate about following their favorite adult performers. Millions of us will turn to adult hookup sites or take a gander at adult dating sites after seeing a flashy ad. We can’t help but satisfy our primal urges. For many, they have their credit card in hand with the other is… we rather not say. There are two other draws to promoting adult offers:
  1. Few are willing to get into the market
  2. It allows the site owner to niche down like crazy
Yes, there are a lot of adult affiliates, but you don’t see many “dabbling” in the adult industry. You’re either all in or not playing the game. The adult industry is taboo to where affiliates rather not have to explain where their income is coming from, too. The second part, niching down, is where the magic happens. Our preferences for adult novelty and videos will whisk us on a journey to find that specific scene, performer, position, etc. We develop fetishes and quirks. Chances are, if there’s a fetish then there’s pornography or a toy for it. Here’s what you get when promoting most adult offers:
  • Pay per views/clicks/sales
  • %-based referrals (one time and lifetime)
  • Accessible banners and copy
  • Embedded media
A lot of the promotions go together such as selling a toy alongside a video. Or, cross-promoting offers based on interests, performers, and previous interactions. Look at Adam and Eve or Pornhub for a couple, great examples of how they promote media and products.

Making Money as an Adult Affiliate

How would you go about monetizing your adult blog? Or, what would you do if building one? First, decide your topic(s):
  • Adult dating
  • Live cams
  • Adult gaming
  • Advice and mentorship
  • Roleplay
  • Media
  • Animated/comics/hentai
  • Adult search engine
  • Adult software
  • Online retail
We don’t suggest trying to develop another tube site. Sites like PornHub, Xvideos, and xHamster already have that covered. Likewise, you aren’t like to compete with the companies dominating the live cams like LiveJasmin, ImLive, and EvilAngelLive. You could try to go the paid route like Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Mofos, but if you’re not producing or sourcing content then stick to white labeling. White labeling lets you slap on your brand but host video content from these producers. You’ve got to niche down. This means focusing on a type of pornography or style of toy. Or, maybe it’s catering to a certain demographic or geographical location. It could be about comedy or intimacy, or extreme and BDSM. The easiest way to find and commit to an adult niche is basing it on your personal interests. Once you have that in mind… do this:
  1. Develop a robust website with strong on-page SEO
  2. Get approved by the credit card companies (high-risk account)
  3. Work with studios to embed top-quality content on the site
  4. Fill it in with great content and a social layer (comments, forums, etc)
  5. Add affiliated adult programs, offers, and promotions through the sit
Here’s another thing: Go easy on the ads. Ads will make up a significant portion of the site’s revenue. But, the adult ad networks are notorious for redirects and malware. Pick and choose carefully, who you’re dealing with, so you don’t leave a bad user experience for your visitors.

Promoting the Highest Paying Adult Offers and Promotions

There are several avenues:
  • Promoting individual sites/shops
  • Promoting adult dating sites
  • Promoting through adult networks
Adult sites like Adam and Eve, Lelo, Lovense, and PinkCherry will have you covered in the sex toy department. Aurora Global, Just Cash, and The Dating Network will get you started with adult dating. And, CrakRevenue, Adxxx, and Adsterra will have you working with adult affiliate networks. Google and other ad networks don’t exactly care much for displaying adult ads. This means you’ll need to rely on old, faithful methods, including:
  • SEO – Adult site results will show in search results when users inquire. The SEO game is tough because so many adult sites rely on blackhat methods. Your best bet is to optimize by using topic clusters, stellar content, and great on-page SEO. You build links by word of mouth, social platforms, and negotiating links between networks
  • Content – Yes, people are coming to your site to consume adult entertainment or purchase an adult toy. But, you don’t have to leave them without learning a thing or two. Editorial content sharing tips, tricks, and answering queries will help the site grow organically. Sex positive pieces are one great option for building awareness. Buyer guides and sex expert advice are others.
  • Fun Social – The ad guidelines and restrictions on most social sites prevent adult sites from performing. Community outreach, fun (but tame) imagery, live streaming, and pointing to safe for work content is a great way to capitalize on social media.
There’s a challenge with promoting adult offers on most programs but it’s not impossible.

Now’s the Time to Start an Adult Affiliate Site

Our directory has a massive list of adult affiliate programs for every type of product, service, and offer you’d want to list on your adult site. This is an evergreen market meaning it’ll be around forever. In fact, starting now will place you on the cusp of great things to come. The future of the adult industry is promising. Their adoption of virtual reality, adult games, and higher quality video content outpace most other industries. Already, 35% of all online downloads are porn-related, 30% of data transferred is porn related, and the sex toy industry will nearly triple by 2020. This is your opportunity to cash in. Have a look at the adult affiliate programs and niche down. Start building something today. Bring pleasure to the masses and you’ll be handsomely rewarded with incredible affiliate commissions.
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