Affiliate Marketing is the Coolest Job: 10 Reasons Why

Ah, the life of an affiliate marketer… it’s the coolest job, hands down.

There are days when you’re putting in the full grind while others give you access to ultimate relaxation.

We wanted to highlight what we believe are the top ten reasons why being an affiliate marketing is definitely the coolest job in the world.

#1: You Get to Set Your Time

Blah, the 9-to-5 is a quick and easy way to an early grave due to stress.

Know why affiliate marketing is the coolest job?

Because you get to choose your own hours so if you’re a morning person.

You’ll have the rest of the day off from work.

Likewise, night-time people can burn the midnight oil without being forced to wake at the crack of dawn.

Perhaps the best part of it all is that you’re able to bounce and balance your time so if you have errands, you can do them, if you have work, you can knock it out. You’re no longer required to be in the office at set times which makes the affiliate lifestyle highly sought after.

#2: You’re the Boss

Anyone who’s been under the scrutiny of a boss can tell you that it’ll drive you mad.

A boss will be there to gleam over your shoulder throughout the day.

Most of the time, your boss is relaxed but there are days when you want to go straight for the throat.

Know why affiliate marketing is the coolest job?

You are the boss so there’s no one to report to other than yourself. Yes, it does mean you’ll need to be hard on your work ethics and motivation but removing the “boss factor” from your life allows you to work on the passion projects that almost always get rejected at a corporate job.

#3: You Determine the Income

Don’t like what you’re getting paid? Set higher pricing!

Your limits to what you earn as an affiliate is only as much as the work you put in.

With a regular job, you’re only paid for the time you work which is almost always not enough but affiliate marketing has unlimited potential to break through the salary glass ceiling.

As you mature in this industry, your work grows exponentially with each new strategy you implement which is hard to say compared to a 9-to-5 which keeps your pay the same (or worse, a minimal raise) no matter how much you improve your efficiency.

#4: You’re Free to Roam

A laptop, a cellphone, and a schedule are all you need to break out of the confines of the office and make your way around the world – if you’re up for the challenge.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t need you to be in an office, at a desk, or constantly on the phone.

You get to determine where you work which can be anywhere because your business is online. The only thing you need to manage is your time but hey, you can do that anywhere.

#5: You Ignite the Entrepreneurial Spirit

If there’s one drawback of a stable job, it’s this: it snuffs your passion for starting a business.

Working for someone else puts you on their time – you’re making money for them.

Need another reason why affiliate marketing is the coolest job?

It’s a combination of skills that could take you anywhere.

It’s the type of work that’ll ignite your passion to start an online business.

You’ll find yourself chasing lofty goals in business that results in big wins vs. a decent paycheck.

Coolest Job

#6: You’re Building a Profitable Network

Your coworkers at a 9-to-5 may be great people.


They’re not the type that will aid in doing something bigger and better.

Working with other affiliates means you’re building a network of fellow entrepreneurs which not only aids in your quest to build a business. This gives you incredible insight into the industry (something you generally avoid when talking with a coworker).

#7: You Don’t Have Requirements

Want a high paying job? Gotta go to college.

Want the freedom to travel? Gotta have a high paying job.

Working for someone else is the ultimate catch 22.

No matter how hard you try, you’re still limited by the initial skill set you bring to the company.

In comparison, affiliate marketing has almost zero overhead and hurdles for getting started. If you can install a WordPress blog or upload a learn HTML, you’ve already done 80% of the work. The remainder of what you need to do can be learned and improved along the way.

#8: You’ll Learn Valuable Life Skills

Sales, customer support, programming, marketing, and more.

These are just a few of the skills you’ll learn when you enter the world of affiliate marketing.

Consider you want something in life.

You know people aren’t going to hand it over.

This is why marketing yourself, closing the sale (aka having people agree with you), and creating great relationships are some of the awesome side effects of affiliate marketing. These are skills that’ll transition into the real world.

What you learn through running your business improves yourself and social life, plain and simple.

#9: Low Risk (Generally)

Generally speaking, there is little to low risk involved with starting up in affiliate marketing.

Unless you go overboard and spend thousands on an ad campaign with credit cards, your work will only cost you time and effort.

Did a project not work out? No problem, start a new one.

Are you still holding a regular job? No problem, you can work on the side hustle in your spare time.

In all, wherever you are in this industry, there are no repercussions for getting started and the only place to go is up.

#10: You Have an Exit Strategy

How does this sound? Work 40 years of your life in the hopes that you have enough money to pay for your retirement (if you don’t go broke because of bad financial events in the meantime).

Yeah, doesn’t sound all too cheery, does it?

It’s getting harder to see a retirement without doing some form of work because of all the financial meltdowns as of late, low pay, and the rapidly changing world around us.

With affiliate marketing, you do have an exit strategy such as selling your business, outsourcing the work so it runs on autopilot, or simply moving into a new, exciting field with a TON of great skills.

Believe me, people are far more excited seeing that you chased a dream of running your own business than working for someone else – you’re setting yourself up for a great retirement through affiliate marketing.