How to Boost Your Email Conversion Rate

You wouldn’t want to put all of your time and resources into filling out a great email autoresponder and building a list lead magnet for nothing, would you? The other part of the equation you may be neglecting is creating the conversions which builds the list; the entry point for your subscribers and, eventually, the gateway to a new revenue stream.

The following is a collection of tips for cultivating a sound strategy for email list conversions:

Email Formats that Work

Build off what works, that’s what I always say. It’s better to use proven delivery methods that are profitable than leave money on the figurative “table”, especially in email marketing (if you’re not all familiar at operating an email list).

So, what works?

  • Weekly (or monthly) newsletters
  • Timely news articles
  • Full article content (but delivered through email)
  • Contests and sweepstakes
  • Polls and emails soliciting feedback

In essence, you want to:

  1. Reinforce your brand through content and frequency
  2. Generate sales through soft and hard sales
  3. Gain a better insight about your list and your work

Each of these email formats, coupled together, will build a relationship with your subscriber which ultimately leads to a greater amount of trust; trust makes your job at selling (and converting) much easier.

Synergy in the List Building

Second to formats is your ability to create a good back-and-forth relationship with your existing publishing platforms and the email list. When you share great content through your list, you should also be implementing a strategy to pull those people into the public space so others can join in.

What does this mean exactly? Example: You publish a great content piece specific to your email list that creates a lot of internal buzz and feedback. You could then take that interest and push people, from the list, into social media discussions or onto your website where people that aren’t on your list could share some of the same buzz and experience. All of this creates a circular effect where your subscribers aid your ability to convert website visitors into list members because they’re marketing your brand through word-of-mouth.

Community Driven Content Strategy

Lastly, defensive measures while operating an email list is a definitive way of converting subscribers.

How so? You’re soliciting feedback and input from your subscribers which fuels the work you do in and outside the list. The feedback you receive can aid in the formation of your email content strategy so you’re speaking about the topic your subscribers want to discuss. Likewise, input will give you ideas and direction for what goes onto your website.

All of this, in turn, funnels people between your web properties and marketing platforms to build a bigger, stronger brand and business. You’ll receive as much as you give by keeping the channels open; this channel creates long-time subscribers and life-long customers.

What tips would you share about converting email subscribers?