The Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin affiliate programs let you earn money without the expensive, risky investment into the cryptocurrency. These bitcoin affiliate programs are based on tools and resources miners and buyers want and need to grow their crypto wealth.

The excitement for Bitcoin is full-speed ahead.

In November 2017, bitcoin officially broke the coveted $10k mark. It sent a flurry of sales and buys – and major interest from the MSM, again. It quickly dropped but rallied back to $11k+ in early December.

The cat’s out of the bag.

There’s talk of the Bitcoin Bubble but there’s too much riding on the blockchain technology. There are hundreds of startups building great apps using the blockchain. Already, we are seeing bitcoin ATM’s and debit cards helping cryptocurrency go mainstream.

Bitcoin ATM

But, alas…

Getting into Bitcoin is quite expensive if you wish to see major returns – a couple hundred bucks will grow but you’re not impressing anyone with those small gains. The popular alternative are those bitcoin affiliate programs… ones that work as the in-between. The programs paying top-dollar because, after all, customers are doing the same for their investments.

What could you promote? Is it safe? Will it last?

Let’s find out…


Bitcoin and the Blockchain: A Non-Tech Primer to Cover the Basics

We want to keep this simple because, honestly, we’re all still learning about bitcoin. It seems like there’s something new each day. It’s hard to keep up with it unless you’re a fanatic or really into the market.


You’re getting into these bitcoin affiliate programs because you’re a marketer.

You know how to do online sales – you don’t need to fully understand what’s going on behind-the-scenes to know whether it’s a good offer or not.


Bitcoin is either mined or purchased.

Mining is done with computer hardware (GPUs) with configured mining tools. People typically join a “pool” to work together solving blocks in the blockchains. When a block is solved, it may contain a certain amount of bitcoin which is then distributed to the pool (based on hash contributions).

Think of this as a group of people digging for diamonds and sharing the loot.

The easier alternative is to purchase bitcoin through marketplaces like Coinbase, Bitfinex, HitBTC, and many other bitcoin exchanges. These exchanges will help set up a wallet (where the BTC is stored) and handle the exchange for a nominal fee.

Think of these exchanges as brokers.

Making sense?

I know, there’s a lot to take in because everything is so new – so here are some resources:


We’re not here to become some super bitcoin expert – we just want to use our powers in marketing to promote the stuff that bitcoin fanatics go for (and make a commission on the side).

Sound good?


Our Picks of the Worthwhile Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

There’s a surprising lack of options you have with good bitcoin affiliate programs. That’s not to knock a lot of the companies trying to create referral systems – but they just aren’t there yet. Or, they’re overly complicated compared to your usual avenue with affiliate marketing.

Bitcoin affiliate programs are getting attached to a lot of startups without a lot of stability. The entire industry is still volatile. So, we wanted to pick ones already showing legacy and trust.

Here’s what we found…




Coinbase is the most well-known Bitcoin exchange for the masses. It’s an exchange accepting major credit/debit cards and bank transfers for buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Chances are, people getting into bitcoin is using Coinbase.

Coinbase Affiliate Program

They have a referral program!

It’s not your usual program, either, because it pays about $10 in bitcoin for each person you refer (and if they buy $100 worth of bitcoin). The beauty of the program is how these bits scale. Your referral payment today will climb with BTC. Meaning – it’s an affiliate commission that grows.

You don’t see that every day.

The referral program is also good for getting onboard with bitcoin. You might as well invest and use the platform while you’re in there. This’ll help you learn so you can create great content in your campaigns.




Coinmama gives people the main option of buying bitcoin with a credit card. They also offer ether. The site is solid and has all the appropriate security features to keep customers safe. It’s a good alternative to other popular bitcoin exchanges – so you may as well add it to your promotions.

Coinmama Affilaite Program

Coinmama’s bitcoin affiliate program is the real gem, here.

The program pays in BTC (surprise, surprise) but where it gets good is the 15% commissions from ALL referrals – from when they join… to forever. This puts you in an excellent position to make major affiliate income since people buy in spurts.




Paxful is a neat exchange worth promoting when you’re targeting the international community. The platform lets users purchase bitcoin using one of 300 methods. This includes exchanging anything from Amazon gift cards to traditional checks. Removing the payment barrier is fantastic for those weary of using their cards on these exchanges.

Paxful Affiliate Program

Paxful’s bitcoin affiliate program is quite generous – 2% commissions of every purchase. The program includes referral tracking, banners, and other creative to help with getting started.




LocalBitcoins is yet another exchange but what makes this one different is the ‘Post a Trade’ and their inclusion of forums. The ability to trade is a nice option to keep people on the site. Forums provide that extra layer of stickiness.

LocalBitcoins does it a little different because it’s peer-to-peer. People list trades on the platform. It uses escrow to facilitate the exchange. One could leverage currency exchange to find better deals through the network – it’s also nice if you’re transferring money between countries.


LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program

LocalBitcoins affiliate program pays out from the exchange fees handled by the platform. You’ll earn 20% commissions on trading fees from both participants. It’s a total of 40% of the LocalBitcoins fee. Payments are daily and through BTC.




Security is a must when you’re holding BTC which brought the rise of hardware wallets. Ledger is one of the leading companies providing these unique devices. It stores bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets using enterprise-level security.

The Ledger Blue and Nano S are their flagship products… and BTC investors are buying them up!

Ledger Affiliate Program

The Nano S retails for 58.00 € while the Blue goes for 229.00 €. Ledger’s affiliate program offers 15% commissions on each sale. You’re paid in BTC (of course). Their products have high conversion rates, so you’re bound to make some decent sales.


Other Bitcoin Affiliate Programs (Worth Mentioning)

We didn’t want to overwhelm you with too many options. There’s still a lot of bitcoin affiliate programs starting up and many others settling in. Though, if you want to expand your affiliate offers outside of the exchanges and wallets then consider these (all paying in BTC):

  • CloudBet – Betting — 30% rev share, 30% lifetime rev share
  • Hashflare – Mining — 10% rev share, 10% lifetime rev share
  • BitBond – Financial Services – 0.2BTC commission, 20-50% rev/lifetime share
  • BtcVIC – Advertising – 50% rev share, 50% lifetime rev share
  • CoinRebates – Shopping – 10% rev share, 10% lifetime rev share
  • Etoro – Trading — $400 commission, 25% rev/lifetime share
  • 1Broker – Trading – 15% rev share, 15% lifetime rev share

If you want to find others then use, plug in one of these, browse the sites, and check to see if they offer a program. Easy as that.


Complimentary Bitcoin Affiliate Offers and Promotions to Include

Bitcoin has created quite a few tie-ins markets you could promote alongside these bitcoin affiliate programs. Remember how we mentioned mining and exchanges? Well, there’s obviously hardware and security behind all that – see where we’re going?


Computer Hardware

GPUs like the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, GeForce GTX 1070, and Radeon RX 480 are the go-to video cards used in bitcoin mining. These cards retail for a couple hundred dollars. Bitcoin mining rigs usually max out their setups meaning miners are buying bundles at a time.

Other items worth promoting would include:

  • Motherboards
  • Cases
  • Cooling

Basically, barebone PC parts are what you’d offer through affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, NewEgg, and other hardware retailers. The commission rate isn’t too high for these categories but it’s worth piecing buyer guides for your community.


You could promote offers for companies selling all-in-one bitcoin mining rigs. These cost a couple thousand so you’re looking at some big wins if you could push those types of promotions.


Internet Security

Bitcoin wallets use robust encryption which makes them inherently safe. Paper wallets are a popular choice for storing private keys since that information isn’t floating around online. Yet, most people will use apps, exchanges, and plug-ins for their bitcoin wallets.

If you understand cybersecurity, then you know the issue.

  • Your informed bitcoin users will protect their information with their life.
  • Your average Joe… not so much.

You could add Internet security (like Panda Security) alongside your bitcoin affiliate programs offers. This could help those accidentally landing on phishing sites or downloading malicious programs.

VPNs are a nice add-in, too.

Consider promoting offers like PureVPN to the mix to keep your community doubly safe.


Crypto Training

Remember how we mentioned there’s still a lot to learn about bitcoin? Imagine your average person going about their day. Think they know what this is outside of the one-off news pieces or FB shares they get here and there?

People are clamoring to get into bitcoin – but there’s still much to be learned.

Crypto training is a profitable fork in your affiliate marketing efforts. You’ll find eBooks, video courses, and other training material featuring affiliate programs. This lets you double dip. You can promote the education, get them interested, and then make extra when they’re buying.

These are good, little starters – Amazon Associates and Udemy could fill in the rest with courses and ebooks on the bitcoin topic.


Suggested Bitcoin Affiliate Programs Usage and Tactics

Here’s the opportunity you can get out of these bitcoin affiliate programs and when talking about cryptocurrency, in general: be authentic.

We can’t begin to tell you how many scammers are preying on this interest in bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin “gurus”
  • Faucets plagued by nasty pop-ups
  • Apps injecting mining scripts

… and all around dishonest information trying to refer people to scummy products or to outright steal BTC from unsuspecting individuals. It’s a shame, really.

The strategy we’d suggest for those targeting bitcoin and using these programs would be:

  1. High-value content marketing
  2. Extensive product and service reviews
  3. Community chat and forums

There’s a major lacking when it comes to content about bitcoin.

Do More

You get the good stuff through the official, mainstream channels or social platforms like Reddit.  The bad info is spread all over through blogspam. There’s a lot of opportunity in the middle-ground.

What would make the difference?

Not going crazy with ads and using bitcoin affiliate programs, instead – really!

A lot of these sites going for the topic saturate their blog with tons of ads. They tend to link over to apps and services that many community members would call a scam. They’re usually structured wonky, making it difficult to dig deep into content. Plus, there’s usually no personality – they’re dry.

Creating high-quality content and injecting bitcoin affiliate programs would treat it like a traditional niche authority site. One that has value but not overbearing with its promotions and offers. Add in a community aspect to the site and it’ll catch on like wildfire!


Hashing Your Way to Blockchain Affiliate Success (One Bit at a Time)

Bitcoin affiliate programs fill the gap between the high investment into the cryptocurrency and a market that’s hungry to get involved. The growth of this niche is comparable to its price.

Bitcoin is the next thing.

It’s equivalent to the invention of the Internet. It’s a game-changer… and it’s still in its infancy. In ten years, the blockchain will be integrated into all aspects of our lives. Getting in now is as good as making an investment into the cryptocurrency. It’s only going one direction: up.


Which Bitcoin affiliate programs catch your attention? Why? Leave a comment, below, and let us know what you think about this lucrative entry into the crypto market.