Best Telecommunications Affiliate Programs

There’s an incredible money making opportunity when partnering with the best telecommunication affiliate programs.



There’s almost a 1:1 cell phone subscription to every person in the world. A stat slightly hard to believe but true. In the U.S., 95% of Americans have a cellphone and of that… 77% of those are smartphones.

In what seems like only yesterday we made the big shift to mobile.

Desktop and tablets are still commonplace but we’re spending more time on our phones than any other device. These devices have completely changed the way we consume content and communicate.

So, it goes without saying that the telecommunications industry is worthwhile for affiliates.

In this space, you have programs for everything from cell phone plans to cases. You’ve got repair services and apps. There’s just so much to choose from! You could niche down over and over and still have access to a community in the tens of millions.

With this piece – we’d like to share a nice mix of telecom products and services worth promoting.


The Best Telecommunications Affiliate Programs

Where to even begin with what you could do in this affiliate marketing space?

It’s surprising most telecoms even offer an affiliate program since there’s no getting around having to use their services. Yet, the competition is there and the big ones want to gobble up the market so they’re employing affiliates like us to the frontlines.

Here are some notable ones to consider:



There are a lot of phone carriers on the market but Verizon is consistently the one with the highest praise. They repeatedly lock down deals on the newest phones. Customers are all around happy with their service plus it’s relatively inexpensive compared to other carriers.

They’re usually always highest ranked in network quality.

On the affiliate side, you’ve got lots of plans to promote as well as products, accessories, and other services. These horizontal and vertical opportunities can quickly turn a single sale into a major money-maker if you’ve got the right audience.

Verizon details:

  • 15% commissions on everything
  • $115 commission for new service contracts
  • $30 commission for pre-pay service & family share plans
  • 60-day cookie
  • Industry-leader
  • Full reporting & analytics

Sign up: Verizon affiliate program via VigLink

Overall, if you’re covering anything related to cell & smartphones then you’ll want to partner with Verizon. Already a member? You could use the basic referral program you’re probably already a part of with your service. Hell, you could probably combine the two for double bonuses!



Yes, an affiliate program that isn’t about cell phones!

VOIPo is one of the leading providers of VOIP products and services. They’re a lot like a web hosting company with variable options: residential, business, cloud, and reseller.

They offer plans covering 2-years of unlimited calling to US/Canada, tons of features, free adapters, activation, and shipping. Phone service starts at just $6.21/mo with cloud numbers at $3.00/mo.

This is not only a B2C service worth promoting but a B2B as well!

They provide every major feature one has come to expect with a telecom service (caller ID, voicemail, call history, etc.) but also scales up for business solutions.

VOIPo details:

  • $50 commission
  • Tracking & reporting
  • High-quality customer service
  • Guarantee and return policy

Sign up: VOIPo affiliate program

Overall, we don’t see you having any trouble promoting this service. The 75% base savings on phone services is a major selling point – one an individual would have to be insane to skip. It’s also a type of service people lock in meaning once it’s setup they’ll probably keep it forever.



GearBest is basically a mix between Amazon and AliExpress.

It’s a huge e-commerce platform that has thousands of items (mostly related to tech). Most of which are sourced from China so your mileage may vary. But, this is an awesome opportunity – and it’s fun!

The products listed on the site may not be well-known to most consumers but their cheap prices and competitive specs make them damn attractive.

It’s an affiliates dream for a couple of reasons:

  • Affiliate program (12% commissions, 30-day cookie)
  • A Pro Program where you get free stuff to review
  • Another option to get free stuff by leaving a review
  • Free gift cards when you create content about GearBest products

Just let that sink in…

… you get all the items you want to promote for free if you angle it right.

Plus, they like to run daily deals that’ll surely get your followers fired up and buying. The telecom products they have are interesting and way cheaper than what you find in our borders.

Sign up: GearBest affiliate program

Overall, dang, what an awesome program to get behind. It’s like working with Amazon if they just threw products to anyone that wanted to cover them. This greatly cuts down on investment to review these products. You could also use the freebies as part of a giveaway. Definitely get in on this.



Telecom Affiliate Program Runner-Ups

We’ve got a good hodge-podge selection of horizontal and vertical opportunities for those covering mobile, VoIP, and apps.




Affiliaxe is one of the leading platforms for mobile games affiliate programs for Android. Here you’ll find a ton of popular titles you could promote through a combination of CPA and AM. Usually, we don’t include affiliate networks in these posts but we’re making an exception since it’s difficult to find singular affiliate programs for mobile games.

CPI model – Android version exclusivity – affiliate welcome bonuses – Affiliaxe game programs



Former CellSavers, Puls is a service-based company providing repair for all major types of tech. In our case, cell phones. They offer door-to-door services in major locations around the United States.

$10 lead + completed job bonus commission – 15-day cookie — $10 affiliate referrals – Puls program



iPhone owners have to link payment information to their app store account but not everyone wants to use it to make purchases. The iTunes affiliate program gives your visitors this alternative. You’ve got the power of the Apple brand and plenty of avenues from music and movies to apps and books.

2.5% commission rate – 24-hour cookie – 50% one-time for Apple Music – iTunes program overview



Can’t have a phone without a case! Casetify is an excellent brand to promote because of their high-quality, unique case designs. People can use their photos to create custom cases or choose from a ton of user submissions from digital artists, graphic designers, and photographers.

10% commission – 45-day cookie – recurring actions (up to 3) – Net 20 payment – Casetify program



Not everyone has access to unlimited data; phone cards are still quite popular for many individuals sending them back home across borders. SpeedyPin is a marketplace to buy calling cards; their program is one of the best in the biz.

10% commission (new sales) – 10% recurring – 2% coms for downline – Be a SpeedyPin affiliate


General Telecom Affiliate Programs

In case of generic, we’re going with Best Buy.

Amazon is a close second but what makes Best Buy the viable choice is not only the brand recognition but the physical presence of their stores.

Phones are one of those items you want to pick up and experience; it’s a market that still heavily leans toward shopping in-person. Best Buy satisfies this desire.

The program isn’t the best but it gives you something for everything:

  • 1% all eligible product categories
  • $10 bounty on Geek Squad services
  • $5 bounty on mobile phones with service plan activations
  • Tons of cross-selling and up-selling

Or, hell, just go with Amazon associates if you don’t want to be bothered signing up for another program to work as your catch-all. But, do factor in that benefit of physical location – especially since people break their phones a lot and need repair services.


Ring, Ring, Opportunity is Calling

The telecommunications industry is a toughie to crack because of how massive the big companies are within this space. Yet, that doesn’t mean you won’t have an opportunity. A good tech blog covering apps, new phones, brand news, and accessories shouldn’t have problems integrating an affiliate program.

The beauty? People replace their phones often so if you can build a decent community you can create those regular affiliate spikes, especially around the holidays.

Opportunity is calling… will you pick up?