The Best Sports Affiliate Programs: Big Earnings with Sporting Goods, Apparel, and More

Sports affiliate programs are on the rise.

Why? Because…

The estimated size of the global sports industry is 1.3 trillion dollars as of 2016.

The lucrative opportunities combined with a passion for sports make this an incredible niche to be a part of because it continues to hold worldwide popularity.

Search results and trends, along with a competitive advertising space, has produced many companies offering high-margin affiliate programs.

Sporting goods are a market already dominated by major retailers; you’ll find ample commissions with the usual outlets like Dick’s Sporting Goods or NFLShop. Yet, there are better opportunities if you take a unique angle and explore the niches.

In this post, we would like to cover a couple of the best sports affiliate programs on the market (that aren’t you usual big-box retailers).


The Best Sports Affiliate Programs

Every sport has its fanatics – ones that’ll buy the jerseys, season tickets, and equipment. Those that join a local team or follow every game. Here are the big affiliates within the sports niche to get things rolling with affiliate promotions.



The World’s largest pro and college gear are found on Here you’ll find official gear from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NFL, and major college sports associations. Fanatics is well-known and a trusted source for all-things sports – making them one of the better promos to add to you sports list.

Fanatics affiliate program highlights:

  • 10% commission
  • 7-day cookies
  • 30,000+ products
  • Free shipping and promotions
  • Official gear and top-brands
  • In-house affiliate management team

Available through: ShareASale and AvantLink

Overall, Fanatics is probably the best affiliate program choice due to their high commissions and authentic gear offerings; though, their short 7-day cookie and no PPC restriction is a setback.


Online Sports

The leading online sports store on the Web getting its start back in 1995; here you’ll find every type of item covering all types of sports. The site is a bit dated but considering how much there’s to choose from and their dedication toward affiliates it’s no wonder why go with them.

You’ve got a great mix of generic and authentic sports gear & accessories.

About Online Sports affiliate program:

  • 10-14% commission
  • $125 average order
  • 60-day cookie
  • 100,000+ product datafeed
  • Plenty of creative and copy

Available through: ShareASale and Commission Junction

Overall, if you had to pick just one store to satisfy your sports niche affiliate items then Online Sports should be the one. Their high commission and high average sales are incredible.



Something a little different for the sports affiliate niche – start including outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, watersports, and biking! Al’s is the leader in the online space with a massive selection, brand recognition, and strong partnerships with The North Face, Prana, Black Diamond, and Patagonia.

About Al’s affiliate program:

  • 10% flat rate commissions
  • $120 average order
  • 150-day cookie
  • Affiliate discount promos
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Dedicated affiliate support

Available through: AvantLink

Overall, Al’s gives you a lot of great opportunity to expand out of the typical sports. Those into outdoor activities and lifestyle are just as passionate (if not more); items need to be rugged for survival meaning higher prices and quality making them easy items to promote.


Under Armour

Under Armour is one of the largest providers of active lifestyle apparel. Their growth has allowed them to purchase, partner, and create powerful, highly-active apps and tech that integrates with their wares.

Under Armour affiliate program highlights:

  • 6% commission
  • 30-day cookie
  • Average order: $90
  • Data feed available
  • Free shipping and seasonal promos
  • Best seller, keyword list, and creatives available

Available through: AvantLink and Commission Junction

The brand recognition makes Under Armour a great fit for any sports niche site focused on promoting sportswear and casual apparel; they’re frequently promoted by athletes for added authority.


Other, Top Paying Sports Affiliate Programs

Want to get specific with the sports affiliate promos? Try one of these.



Champs is a retailer in the sports space offering an incredible selection of sports wares from shoes and clothing to accessories and fan gear. It’s a great outlet for those wanting to promote top-brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Their 550+ stores around North America make them a household name.

Program info: 3.65% commission — LinkSynergy


RoadRunner Sports

The world’s largest running & walking store; here you’ll find a mix of apparel and gear from the brand’s people trust offered through a site people love.

Program info: 6% commissions (with tiers) – special offers – affiliate team — AvantLink


Prime Sport

Something a little different for the sports niche: events & packages. Prime Sport carries tickets to some of the biggest events in sports from the Super Bowl to the Kentucky Derby. A perfect addition to your promotions that’ll fight right.

Program info: 8% commissions – Affiliate Window


BPI Sports

A provider of high-quality supplements (powders, formulas, etc.) for those wanting weight loss, muscle building, and athletic performance.

Program info: 20% commissions – 60-day cookie — AvantLink


Generic Sports Affiliate Programs

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon, and eBay offer affiliate programs but they’re not the best due to its low commissions and short cookie time. Though, you have access to promoting the hot-ticket brands like Puma, Nike, and the official gear from the leagues. Plus, hundreds of goods from all sports.

Overall, these programs are good to throw in there to buffer out your offers.

The massive choice you have based on their inventory also lets you cover more topics which is always a good thing. The seemingly endless topic ideas you could work with would build organic search and social media activity in no time.


Go Big or Go Home

There you have it – a collection of sports affiliate programs to get yourself started.

There’s a lot of overlap with what you can choose from as far as programs and offers go. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though – it gives you options especially when there are different promos going on the different sites.

See what you can make of them — Good luck and swing for the fences!