The Best Industries to Promote as an Affiliate Marketer

Despite the seemingly endless affiliate opportunities and programs available on the net, we’re going to be looking at the “best industries” today.

The ones that are well-worth your time to explore.

What are the big ones for affiliates?

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Beauty

I would add one more: entertainment.

These are the general interests and goals of us humans.

We either want to look better, have more money, be entertained or be in good health.

In this article, I’ll be sharing the best industries you could find yourself promoting – along with the networks that command the lion’s share of success products worth your time.

Let Psychology Determine the Best Industries

There are inherent, psychological factors that come into play when we examine everyday people.

On a sub-level, we have our natural instincts to survive.

On a social level, we have the elements that ultimately affect our ability to gain the items and experience that we want (and need) to fulfill our purpose.

I know this is getting a bit heavy and maybe over your head but, ultimately, we humans seek reassurance and appreciation.

The items we buy and things we do reflect who we are, our goals in life, and our natural instincts to survive.

For this reason, and as noted, we often seek four, top-level things:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Beauty
  • Entertainment

Once you understand these items; it begins to reveal the industries you could enter into affiliate marketing.

After all, this is what we humans want the most and will stop at nothing to obtain them.

The Best Industries: A Break Down

I wanted to open this article with the psychological goals.

It can be broken down into the items and experiences that can be fulfilled by the best industries promoted as affiliate marketers.

Best Industries

To further explain this, let’s take a look at the “big boys” under close examination:

Weight Loss (Health/Beauty)

The weight loss industry is pushing past $60 Billion (yes, with a B) a year; this encompasses everything from gym memberships to diet food products.

The industry is massive because it’s fueled by our basic instinct of reproduction and social acceptance: health and beauty. People spend thousands of dollars, each year, to lose weight, look their best, and become healthy. It gives them a better opportunity to stand out in society and, ultimately, attract the opposite sex.

An industry this large, your own attempt at promoting affiliate products and programs are extremely lucrative. The industry is growing, rapidly, each passing year.

Despite the niche being crowded – there’s still a large piece of the pie that can be shared.

Explore this industry: Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

Finances (Wealth)

Money is the focus of the world; whether you want to believe it or not.

People go out of their way to do jobs they don’t like to have additional freedom, in the long run, from the money they’ve earned.

Wealth, ultimately, allows people to own the things they want and need, free themselves from constant work, and do the life experiences on their bucket list.

The financial industry, as you already know, is one of the largest out there.

Financial partner programs whether it’s about debt reduction, money-making opportunities, or everyday items such as a mortgage has unlimited potential for growth. These are items people either need to survive or want more than anything else.

Explore this industry: Financial Affiliate Programs

Movies/Games/Hobbies (Entertainment)

People want an escape so they look toward entertainment because it’s as far away removed from their busy work lives and allows them to slip away (even if it’s just for a few hours at a time).

The entertainment industry, as a whole, is pushing triple digits in the Billions.

People will be entertained even if it means they put themselves at financial and health risk.

The best part of the entertainment industry is the endless opportunities for affiliate promotions. You could promote products related to a hobby, set up a video game website, create video movie reviews, talk about local craft events, and much more.

The entertainment industry is built around extra income; people don’t need the items or experiences but they’re going to pay regardless.

This gives you a great overview of these types of industries but I want to go one step deeper and give a few, real-world examples of affiliate programs you could promote, such as:

  • A new exercise machine you’re using where you track your results, write reviews, and share tips. This campaign captures the health and beauty market where you could do cross promotions to diet programs, books, videos, and so much more.
  • A simple living blog that focuses on frugal living, reducing debt, and starting a side income. In this industry niche, you could share your experiences and results; you’d be able to promote money-making opportunities, how to use the extra income to pay down debt, and how to keep everything going by becoming frugal.
  • A video game review blog where you share your favorite games, what makes them good, videos of your gameplay, interviews with the publishers, and fan mail. You could directly link to product promotions, have paid ads, build a community and be granted exclusive access to insider information about the industry.

Notice something interesting about these ideas? They’re everywhere! Why? Well, as I’ve mentioned, the industries have so much money being passed around that it grants anyone with the drive to begin a website and start promoting affiliate products to really make a dent.

What’s Next? The Offer!

Without leaving you high and dry, I also wanted to go into where you can begin finding offers and discover additional insights about industries directly from affiliate programs.

Of the programs available out there, here are a few worth noting for your initial research:

For some, you will need to be approved prior to being granted access to the products and campaigns on each of the networks but affiliate programs like Amazon Associates and Clickbank give you instant access to their promotions and many tools to see what’s hot in each industry by category.

When digging through the offers, remember to ask these questions:

  • Does this offer target my potential customer’s psychological level?
  • How effective would this copy and design be for converting sales?
  • Is the product worthwhile for a recommendation? Does it provide value?
  • Would I recommend this product to my own friends and family?
  • What kind of commissions and overall flexibility will I get from the program?

Using the thought process behind why people buy from each industry, coupled with the affiliate marketplaces and programs that offer the products within them, you can get started on the right track and reduce the time involved with the long, drawn-out process of niche selection.

You now know why people buy and where you can buy the products. Now, get out there and sell!