Best Home & Garden Affiliate Programs

The estimated size of the U.S. home & garden industry is 265 billion dollars as of 2016.

Rising incomes and confidence in the economy has given consumers a boost in undertaking home improvement projects. Home improvement giants Lowe’s and Home Depot continue to open new stores and dominate the market.

The search trends for topics related to home & gardening projects have been taking a dip each year probably because we’re simply stretch on our dollar – tit’s interesting seeing how it spikes right around Feb/March!

Home improvement is an encompassing term with lucrative opportunities due to big projects like kitchen and bathroom renovations. Though, it also includes the creative side with crafty projects and simple DIY activities.

Lawn & garden go hand-in-hand with home improvement. A 2.3% growth in the nursery & garden stores has contributed to an increased availability of outdoor merchandise.

There are many home & garden affiliate programs offering fantastic utility for those in the niche. In this post, we’d like to cover a couple of the best home and garden affiliate programs on the market (that aren’t your usual big-box retailers).


The Best Home & Garden Affiliate Programs

The best programs in these industries, in our minds, are the ones that help people realize their big dreams of home ownership. There are a ton of programs that’ll let you promote smaller items but we’re talking about the BIG stuff.

You know… additions, full renovations, and more.

Here are some of the programs to help your readers reach their goals:


Angie’s List

Angie’s List (like HRN) is a referral service for home services. This is a fantastic addition to your affiliate marketing project within the home & garden niche because there are thousands of individuals within the system offering services for these areas!

Again, you could cover a good mix of DIY home improvement and gardening projects. Then, link over to services via Angie’s List once it’s outside the scope of your readers.

Angie’s List affiliate program details:

  • Up to 75% commission on membership sign-ups
  • Bonus & promo incentives
  • Exclusive discounts and promotions
  • Great creative and copy
  • Recommendations and suggestions to streamline efforts
  • Affiliate management

Available through: OAK Digital & Angie’s List

Overall, this is going to be those big, windfall commissions you’re looking for within the niche. Those payouts are ridiculous! They may not happen often but they shouldn’t be difficult including them with your efforts in the niche.


Gardener’s Supply Company

Gardener’s Supply Company is the choice for those targeting the garden and lawn niche. The company got its start in 1983 and made a smooth transition to the Web. They are a company with values that frequently donates to good causes. They are practitioners of the sustainable lifestyle.

You’ll have plenty to promote: Garden supplies, planters, beds, yard improvements, décor, indoor garden, and home & kitchen.

Gardener’s Supply Company affiliate program highlights:

  • 8% commissions
  • Thousands of products
  • Regular reporting
  • Affiliate management

Available through: Linkshare

Overall, is for you if you want access to tons of green products and to stand by a company that’s living what they preach. The program, per se, isn’t the best but their passionate angle has helped build a strong brand those in the space can get behind.


Homeowner Referral Network

There are plenty of DIY projects we can do around the home. Yet, when we begin talking about doing big projects like roof repair, deck building, and major renovations… well… it’s time to call in an expert.

That’s what the Homeowner Referral Network is about – a trusted source for home improvement services. Through it, you can help people find all types of contractors from plumbers to electricians.

Not only that but you’re also helping your community by referring local businesses!

Homeowners Referral Network affiliate program highlights:

  • $100 – $325 per sale
  • Monthly newsletter with unique content for site
  • Creative ads available
  • Instant approval
  • Tracking and reporting tools

Available through: HRN’s sign up form

Overall, it’s a lucrative program to get in with because there is always a demand for home improvement services. You could effectively cover a ton of DIY home projects then funnel site visitors to the HRN affiliate links once they become too big.


Home & Garden Affiliate Program Runner Ups

There’s a whole lot out there to explore in these industries; you can get very, very specific with the products and services you’re promoting. To give you a few examples…



Seed your affiliate income with the affiliate program. This online retailer provides seeds for dozens of plants and tons of related products to help customers get started with gardening.

Program details: 20% commissions – 90-day cookie — flash sales – SeedsNow Sign Up


Quicken Loans

What better way to cover the niche than to pair it with a provider of home improvement loans? Quicken is one of many recognized brands in the financial industry. It’s not exactly home & garden but you see the value of it, right?

Program details: $1 – $12 commission – 90-day cookie –



An ebook and course for the organic gardener; it’s a program developed by Phil Nauta that’ll take students through the various ways to grow fruits & veggies without harsh chemicals. It’s a great program that scales well by introducing them to the book and sliding them into the academy.

Program details: 15% commission (products) – 50% (Academy) – continual income — Here


General Home & Garden Affiliate Programs

Both Lowe’s and Home Improvement offer affiliate programs though as you’d expect with big-box retailers the program isn’t too attractive for affiliates.

Mainly because of the commission’s rate:

  • Lowe’s = 1%
  • Home Depot = 3-5%

But, you gain the benefit of:

  • Brand recognition
  • Thousands of items
  • Collab with their affiliate marketing teams

The beauty of working with the big retailers in a combination of specific, niched home & garden promos is that one can’t be done without another. A course on renovation obviously needs supplies; same for gardening projects.

You get the best of both worlds – sell the info products & earn extra through the big-box retailers.


An Industry that’ll Grow On You

The home & garden industry is one that’s super fun all-around.

There’s a love for crafting unique spaces with what we’ve got. It lends to our creativity and to make something to call ours. Not only will you enjoy covering the industries but you’ll have plenty of options to earn good money by promoting home & garden affiliate programs and their products/services.

Start a new project and get diggin’ into these programs!