Best Green & Earth Friendly Affiliate Programs

One-third of consumers prefer sustainable brands.

The green industry is on track to further revolutionize markets. Already we see the excitement as we shift toward these Earth-friendly industries through solar energy, electric cars, and automation.

The industry isn’t only set for major disruption of the fossil fuel industry.

Green movements are found in our urban environments. Homesteading is becoming a popular trend among Millennials. We’re all appreciating non-GMO foods, farm-to-table offers, vegetarian & vegan options, and sustainable lifestyles.

Sustainable living found through marketplaces like Thrive and Gazelle are adjusting our impact on our environment. Supplements, raising livestock, holistic therapy, and home solar panel kits are all hot topics for affiliates — offering dozens of high-paying commissions.

The social awareness of our environmental impact is growing at a rapid rate in the Western world. With it comes products and services built-to-last; meaning premium products and passionate markets. In this post, we’ll cover the best green & Earth friendly affiliate programs (that aren’t your typical avenues).


The Best Green & Earth-Friendly Affiliate Programs

What makes a good green/Earth company? Is it the products and services? Or is it their dedication and passion to creating a sustainable future? Why can’t it be both!

We’ve got a nice selection of affiliate programs for a brand you can really get behind in this industry…


Thrive Market

Thrive is the hot and trendy provider of organic brands on the Internet.

The site boasts over 4,000+ organic products for way less than what you’d pay in a retail store (as in 25-50% less). This has made it quite a popular choice for those paying attention to the ecological impact their food and products have on our world.

You’ve got everything from pet care to health – it’s a lifestyle type of brand.

Thrive Market affiliate program details:

  • $25 per member sign up
  • Bonus incentives via referral tiers
  • Membership donation to those in need (for every sign up)
  • Great company with values
  • Plenty of creative and copy

Program signup: Thrive Market Affiliates

Overall, if you want to hop into this green/Earth-friendly industry that’s already popping off with the market then Thrive is the way to go. The brand recognition is up there; the product offerings are extensive. Shouldn’t be a problem promoting products through your affiliate links. Plus, you’re doing some good while you’re at it!


Earth Easy

Covering topics like non-toxic pest control, water filtration systems, energy conservation, or natural lawn care? What about solar cooking or green pet products? Then Earth Easy is for you.

Earth Easy is a laid back but a totally awesome company with big goals for sustainability. They’re a small but passionate team that has turned the company into one that has strong branding and placement within the green niche.

Earth Easy affiliate program details:

  • 10% commission
  • 3 million annual unique visitors
  • $150 average order
  • 60-day cookie
  • Tons of creative
  • Dedicated team

Program signup: Earth Easy via ShareASale

Overall, Earth Easy gives you an incredible opportunity to really capture the green market. They have tons of great products and content. They have a warming story and strong brand. These are the people you want to work with not just to make money with affiliate marketing but because you’re doing your part to spread awareness and create sustainability.



An odd choice to go into the “best” category but we feel this is one that really does its job well. The company offers a wide range of green cleaning products – you know… the types of products we all need.

This makes them an obvious purchase.

This affiliate program will unlock a new direction with your foray in the industry. It blends well with the whole holistic living lifestyle but also works with the home, mommy blogging, DIY crowd, too.

MyCleanProducts affiliate program details:

  • 15% commissions
  • Performance incentives
  • $147 average order
  • 120-day cookies
  • Dedicated affiliate program manager
  • 74% site-wide conversion

Program signup: AvantLink

Overall, what can we say? The stats for this affiliate program is astounding. Just look at that conversion rate and average order. You’ll be making bank in no time when pairing up with this program.


Green & Earth-Friendly Affiliate Program Runner-Ups

Want affiliate programs offering a smaller set of products or ones that are hyper-specific? We’ve got you covered with ones that are really making waves within the industry…


Solar Direct

Begin offering tons of green energy products from water heaters and wind generators to solar panels and lighting. SolarDirect is one of the largest sites in the industry; they have a tiered affiliate structure meaning you can make money on affiliates you refer!

Program details: 5% commission – downstream – Solar Direct Aff. Sign Up


Lonely Planet

Yup, the company that provides detailed travel guides via books and websites. Why include it? Because they have a big section on eco-travel which could make a good tie into other green products.

Program details: 15% commission – Affiliate Window



Reuse-It is a site that focuses on reusable products. Products like bags, bottles, cookware, and green cleaning supplies. They’re an “everyday eco-solutions” company that’s making a name for itself. Shouldn’t be hard to include them as part of the product offers.

Program details: 2-10% commission – 800+ products – Learn More


Pono Home

Pono Home provides a couple of detailed ebooks that help readers “greenify” their home. The program rewards you with a copy and if you refer enough a gift card and movie tickets. An odd little program but kind of neat all-around – hell, you could get a bunch of good ideas from the book you’d get!

Program details: Book, Movie Tickets, and $25 Whole Foods gift card – Pono Home Referrals


Direct Energy

Direct Energy is a home services provider across North America. They are one of the few companies offering green energy alternatives. They already have a huge customer base and continue to expand each year – they’re on track for massive growth.

Program details: Partner with Direct Energy


General Green & Earth-Friendly Affiliate Programs

The Ultimate Green Store is an exemplary (general) retailer and champion of the green movement offering affiliate programs. Their commissions are healthy and a great way to fill in the gaps when covering the ample topics found within the industry.

Commissions like:

  • TUGS: 10%, 60-day cookie

Through these, you benefit from:

  • Hundreds of great green products
  • A chance to educate and make an impact
  • Passionate (frequently buying) customer base

A website in this sphere promoting sub-niche products (e.g. chicken raising) could benefit from this expanded consciousness of the green movement. It builds an interesting momentum that is likely to completely change their lifestyle; meaning everything going green… lots of sales opportunities.

Their reputation within the green & earth-friendly industry is rock solid so be sure to include them as part of your affiliate marketing campaign.


A Brighter, Greener Future

There we go – a nice mix of green and Earth-friendly programs to get things rolling.

These programs will not only get the green rolling in that affiliate account but also contribute to good as a whole. It’s an industry you can really get behind. The people and companies and passionate.

There are lots to work with so let your creativity go wild — Start seeing green with these green programs!