Best Business Affiliate Programs: The Biggest Brands and Offers

Look, we get it, building an affiliate marketing business is difficult when you’re not promoting the best business affiliate programs.


Why not get in on the action and promote the offers everyone loves?

Business is booming…

We’re talking trillions of dollars flowing through the business niche.

Hundreds of millions of individuals, globally, trying to launch businesses.

Many will succeed – and so will you.

The business niche is likely the starting point for many of you getting into affiliate marketing. It makes sense since you likely began the journey from a business tutorial, e-course, or newsletter. If these things got you started then surely you could promote it too!



Then there are those that have been in business, want to grow, but also help others.

The business category of affiliate promotions covers it all from starting a little Etsy business to launching a worldwide tech startup. If there’s an entrepreneurial idea then you’re sure to find an affiliate product or service to support it – now that’s lucrative!

The industry is so saturated that it’s often hard to pick the right programs for your audience.

This is why we’ve put together a list of the business affiliate programs and accompanying offers that are the best in the industry – ones sure to get people interested, signed up, and earning you a commission.


The Best Business Affiliate Programs

There’s a lot of biz ops out there which makes this a little difficult to choose the “best”. Where would we even begin? Business is so broad plus you can get very specific – entrepreneurship has no bounds.

We wanted to try and cover opportunities that encompass it all though.

Something you can get on board with and either find tons of niche opportunities or a single solution that every business would need – nothing hyped – just smart investments.

The programs include…



Clickbank Affiliate Network

Well, we can’t talk about business opportunities without bringing up Clickbank.

There are others obviously (Neverblue, Commission Junction, and ShareASale) that could easily fit this description and opportunity. Yet, we say go with Clickbank because it has the type of offers you’re looking for – the nichey kind.

The system is easy-as-hell to use, tracking & reporting is great, and there are thousands of great products and services to choose from.

There isn’t a program for referring affiliates but there is one for referring product vendors. This will pay you’d earn about $0.99 a sale which could be big money if you get enough people in the fold. A great opportunity for those teaching how to build online courses!

On the affiliate side:

  • Products and services in every niche
  • High-gravity programs with huge affiliate payouts
  • Bonus incentives offered by product creators
  • Great, intelligent community to learn

Overall, if you’re doing affiliate marketing then you’re going to get into Clickbank either way. May as well start it sooner than later. It doesn’t always have the stuff you’re looking for but be patient because there’s always something new coming through.


Become a Clickbank Affiliate



Envato Market Affiliate Program

Our personal favorite for business opportunities because it’s not really a business opportunity.


Envato is a company that has multiple sites that provide resources that go into business development.

  • Envato Market: 9+ million digital assets from website themes to email newsletters
  • Envato Studios: Hire designers & developers
  • Envato Tuts+: A massive, constantly updated library of learning resources
  • Envato Sites: Easily launch websites without coding
  • Envato Elements: Download unlimited graphics assets

It’s a business startup dream because it literally has everything you need to make an online (and offline) presence besides the keys to a place. You could affiliate with Envato and create endless topics covering website development, online shopping, marketing, sales, and more. Everything has a product.

They even have completed websites at a monthly rate – how awesome is that?

What you’d earn:

  • 30% of their account credit deposit for the marketplace
  • 30% of all sales on the marketplaces
  • 30% of purchase on Studios
  • Marketing assets
  • Detailed analytics

Overall, wow!

It’s hard to begin with what you can do with Envato. You literally have an endless stream of promotional items and services. You can niche down like crazy. Commisions are great. The support is stellar. This isn’t only for the DIY types either because all businesses could use something found in the marketplace or services platform.


Become an Envato Affiliate


Palo Alto Software

Palo Alto Software Affiliate Program

It was hard to choose one business opportunity type of program for our list out of the thousands but we think Palo Alto Software takes the cake. Why? Not only is it grounded and humble (they don’t do the whole marketing hype thing) but it’s an all-in-one solution backed by industry leaders & experts.

The offers found on Palo Alto Software include LivePlan, Business Plan Pro, and Sales and Marketing Pro.

These products take the user through the entire process of developing a business plan, executing it, and growing the business. This isn’t the flash in the pan type biz opp stuff – it goes deep. It covers the tough stuff like startup finances, payroll, taxes, and full operations.

Basically – it touches on the subjects that a lot of the business products rarely do meaning you have something to promote that’s trustworthy and extensive.

Palo Alto Software affiliate program details:

  • 10% commission (Business Plan Pro and Sales and Marketing Pro)
  • 20% commission (Business Plan Pro Premier)
  • Free content, calculators, and more
  • Affiliate support
  • Industry leader and strong brand
  • Backed by experts and authorities

Overall, we love this solution because it doesn’t have that marketing slant to it – you know what we’re talking about. It’s honest. It’s almost too much information for someone but that’s okay because it doesn’t leave anything out. Plus, it gives you plenty of opportunities to sell the bigger packages.


Become a Palo Alto Software Affiliate


Business Affiliate Program Runner-Ups

There’s always room for a few specific business programs; the products or services (again) that businesses would either need else start a little business of its own. We like…



LegalZoom provides all the necessary documentation to start a business. Their site offers templates and forms for all types of legal activities whether it’s a living will or business contract. It cuts out the middle man which makes it an attractive choice for those starting a business – it’s quite essential which will make it an easy sell to your community.

15% commission – 45-day cookie – high visibility – free membership – LegalZoom affiliate program



Square is a popular payment processor alternative; they provide point of sale systems, payroll services, and payment solutions. They’re a modern company with plenty of backing and clout. It’s a service (and set of products) that, once integrated, is well-received and trusted. This one’s here because you can’t do business if you’re not accepting debit and credit cards!

$20 CPA — $20 bonus (for hardware) – 45-day cookie – bonuses – Square Affiliates



Flippa is a marketplace where users can buy & sell websites. This presents a very lucrative business opportunity for those that have the capital and want quick access to a market. There you’ll find full breakdowns of the site including traffic, earnings, and more. This could be something you invest in or promote alongside your affiliate efforts – all around awesome!

30% of sale – 90-day cookie – Flippa affiliate program


General Business Affiliate Programs

Can’t pick just one? Udemy and Lynda are two fantastic resources offering affiliate programs.

These learning platforms have dozens of full courses covering general business topics. Hundreds of niche business courses are available, too.

Both these platforms have authority and brand recognition.

Udemy even has “nanodegrees” that, although not credited, will streamline entry into the field of the user’s choice. Making them highly lucrative to promote.

We’re talking:

  • 50% payouts with Udemy
  • 40% for memberships on Lynda

We’d suggest integrating specific Udemy courses into your affiliate offers if you’re unable to find something on the other affiliate platforms. Plus, they’ll give you plenty of ideas for content which makes them even easier to plunk into the work!


The Affiliate Business of Business

There’s a whole lot out there for getting into the business affiliate industry.

It’s one of those options always viable because you’ll have followers interested in turning their passion into a full-time business. These programs are a way to bring them to that next level. You can keep covering the usual topics but include the business affiliate stuff, too.

What are you waiting for? Add in a business affiliate offer today.