50 Affiliate Content Ideas for Traffic and Conversions

The spark of affiliate content ideas …

Sometimes it hits you, sometimes you’re stumped.

Content gives you the fuel for building higher search ranking and social sharing — a constant stream is what you should strive to meet each passing day.

The one trip up stems from creative blocks.

Creativity is all around us, within us, and waiting to get out.


If you’re hitting this block, need to get idea to paper, and have something published than take a gander through this list of affiliate content ideas – they’ll surely drive traffic and help with conversions …

1. Write a list post about one of your main topics

2. Debunk a common myth in your niche

3. Rework an existing series into a freebie and create an announcement post

4. Hold a contest (with an item related to your niche)

5. Choose a frequent visitor and do a highlight of them

6. Interview an up-and-coming star in your industry

7. Interview one of the “top dogs” that dominate the market

8. Write an extremely detailed tutorial about one element of a subject

9. Conduct a survey and then post the results (with comments)

10. Write a piece of pillar content to define your authority

11. Encourage someone to write guest posts

12. Write a piece that goes along with the theme of a movie

13. Disclose your affiliate earnings and explain how it’s done

14. Share a secret to your community

15. Do a roundup of your best social media conversations

16. Write a monthly roundup of the best posts you’ve read

17. Plan and create a content series

18. Write quick tip style posts for very specific questions

19. Create a “start here” type of post for the beginners

20. Challenge an authority in your niche and write your take on their thoughts

21. Post personal pictures and videos of your life

22. Talk about a meet up with someone within your niche

23. Answer a question

24. Ask a question

25. Screenshot an email and share how you responded

26. Live blog a major event in your industry

27. Write a review about a product or service

28. Predict what will happen in your industry

29. Do a year-end wrap up highlighting the best moments

30. Create content specific to a holiday

31. Interview yourself in the third person

32. Cover the news and integrate it with your expertise

33. Write about your vacation

34. Share the results of your marketing campaign

35. Do a piece about everything that led up to your start in the industry

36. Write a manifesto

37. Do a video post

38. Release a podcast

39. Write a complaint and how the subject should be fixed

40. List your favorite tools and resources

41. Tell a funny story

42. Email fellow affiliates and compile their responses into a post

43. Do a “versus” style article with someone you know

44. Discuss new business projects

45. Do a case study about a specific topic in your niche

46. Share your favorite YouTube video

47. Republish some of your email newsletters to the blog

48. Give away an in-demand product or service

49. Start a mastermind and do roundups of the topics being discussed

50. Talk about what you’d do if you started over

See, it’s easy to create content when you’re a little low on creativity.

These fifty affiliate content ideas should get you up and running.

At 3x a week, you’re already looking at a couple months worth of content – by the time you finish your content buffer, you should be right back on track with your content creation.